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My love for you

rtumemank.gifSince the first day of us talking on the internet i knew i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you even thou you are 100`s of miles away from me but i know we will be together soon.

Every day and night we talk on cam and i never get fed up talking or seeing you, but i always cry a little tear when one of us have to leave each other, what how i know that I LOVE YOU SO.


I mIsS yOu



I really miss you, and it hasn’t been the same.
I drop a tear whenever I hear your name.

Remember that night, the one where we just
sat there and talked? Well that night I fell in
love with you. And for that one night I felt like
I belonged. I just thought of that night, and I
realized how much I really miss you.

i miss your smile, but
i miss my own more.

Nobody understands how much i miss you. miss how much we used
to talk and miss all the things we used to do. I try not to admit it to
myself that i still feel this way. Nobody knows that i still wake up
thinking of you each day. i still think of you and really do miss you.
i would give up everything i have to be everything that we’re not.

you can miss someone that died
you can miss someone that moved away
but the worst way to miss someone
is someone you see everyday.

& if it was up to me… I’d never miss you
because you’d always be with me.

I miss how you never gave a shit,
but you always seemed to care.
I miss the way you would be such a dick,
but you were somehow always there.
I miss how we talked, for hours on end.
But most of all, I miss more than anything,
I miss being just friends.

You taught me many things like how it feels to miss someone so
bad it feels like a part of you is missing. I can tell you one thing.
Now that you have gone I never will forget you. You left your mark.

When I see your smile,
and I know it’s not for me,
that’s when I’ll miss you.

My eyes are sore from crying.
My heart is broken in two.
To find a boy just like him,
your chances are so few.
I long to hear his voice again.
I long to feel his touch.
His gentle lips on mine again
is all that i miss so much..

I miss you a little, you could say;
a little too much, a little too often,
and a little more each day.

I don’t want him to call me. I don’t want to talk to him,
to have to hear his voice and try and figure out a way
for him to not tell by my voice how much i miss him..


Jolie Rendez vous

Enfet c’est a propos de mon jolie rendez vous!?!
je me suis rencontrer avec une nanas sur
et on s’est parler, tout marchais tres bien, !!!apres je lui est donner rendez vous de se rencontrer.
llooll elle ma donner le lieu ou nous pourions nous voir koi….lol..
c’est une grande place de kuala lumpur aussi?!?!!! on devais se voir labas a 16 in afternoon.?!>. a un samedi….//lol
loolet le samedi arriva..!L….et moi tellement que je sui presser,je me suis rendu la bas a 15h hehe.//
de 15h a 16h 30 je l’es pas vu…ensuite je l’es appeler, et elle me dit au phone qu’elle arrive..j’ai di ok j’attend…
apres 30 minutes, je l’appele encore elle me dit qu’elle vient et qu’elle est presque arrivee de l’attendre
j’ai attendu la meuf de 16h a 17h 30, et je n’est vu que dal.? as 19h quand je l’es appeler elle me repondais pas
apres je me suis retourner a la maison detresser, decus, imaginer comment j’etais se jour la…???.lollO
a mon arrivee a la maison, je me suis connecter sur mon msn//.,. et je l’es vu enligne immediatement je les ecrit
et elle ma repondu…on a chater labas..?..,/;. j’ai fais semblant que si je me suis pas facher quand elle n’etait pas venu au rendez vous…
1e semaine plu tard….elle meme, elle me donne rendez vous a son tour et j’ai accepter./.,, de se rencontrer le jeudi a 14h au meme coin que l’autre…
lol ben comme vous voyer je me decourage pas hen,,lolooooooooooooool
le jeudi a 14 h 30 swi arriver, et le surprenant elle est arriver 6 minute apres moi
on est parti au resto apres on a payer le billet pour le cinema on a vu un film>
apres le film a 20h on na prix taxis direction chez moi…?.;????
tout d’un coup elle commence a m’ambrasser dans le taxis…../.,/./..on s’est ambrasser et reeeee ambrasser…jus qua l’arriver a la maison…on est monter dans ma chambre…//..swi parti me laver et revenir
looooollllllllllllllllllll vous savez deja se qui s’est passer dans la chambre hehe./.apres le lendemain elle avait du travail a faire…/.,..
et elle est parti chez elle, je l’es accompagner/./.’; d’apres ce jour jus qu’a aujourd’hui elle essaye de me contacter mais je veus pas.,,./parse que j’ai fais ca seulement pour me venger./., pui je l’aime pas du tout quand elle ma fais ca donc je m’enfiche.,..,,
enfet c’est mon passer..,.,…;.; mais vous croyer que j’ai ete unpeu cruel ou je les bien fais./.,/j’attend une reponse de vous//.,………………,/,,././,/,.
Merci!!?!?! just me


Bonjour tout le monde !

dsc00153.jpgIm SaNkHoN, Im KiNdA Of GuY wHo r LoOkInG FoR HaPpInEsS AnD TrUe LiFe,I WaS BoRn In GuInEa WeSt AfRiCa AnD Im 19 YeArS oLd,I HaVe TwO BiG BrOtHeRs AnD TwO JiNiOr BrThErS,ThE OnE ThInG i WoULd LiKe To SaY!?!I lOvE mY pArEnTs AnD i MiSs ThEm BeCaUs Im ToO FaR AwAy FrOm ThEm To StUdY….NiCe To MeEt U..AnD WeLcOmE In My WoLrD tHx



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